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Maryellen Hooper is an accomplished stand-up comedian with a rich history in the comedy world. Her comedic journey has encompassed various stages, from comedy clubs and college campuses to larger theaters and television appearances. She’s a well-known figure in the comedy scene, recognized for her unique style and engaging performances.  

Maryellen has made appearances on a range of television and talk shows, including The Tonight Show, Comedy Central and Girls Night Out, just to name a few. Her talents have been widely acknowledged, as evidenced by her recognition as “Female Comedian of the Year” at the American Comedy Awards.  

As a performer, Maryellen is characterized by her skill as a physical storyteller. Her stand-up material is dynamic with its ever-evolving narrative that delves into her experiences as a woman, wife, and mother. Her comedy is notably tasteful and avoids crude or offensive content. Instead, she draws humor from life’s everyday annoyances, leaving audiences laughing heartily and feeling thoroughly entertained.  

No topic is off-limits for Maryellen, as she fearlessly shares stories from her life, including experiences with home repairs on her family’s “fixer-upper” property and the challenges of dealing with colicky babies. Her ability to take relatable situations and infuse them with humor resonates with a wide range of audience members.  

One of her notable achievements is the hour-long stand-up special entitled “Stinky Flowers,” which draws material from her popular blog of the same name.  Her newest comedy album, 

“Maryellen Hooper…Help Wanted” is a hysterical perspective on life’s big and little moments. Maryellen is still just getting started on her storied career as one of the country’s best comedians.

Alisa Savoretti is happy- everyday…  Why?  Because she is EXCITED about Tickled Pink Entertainment’s future and dedicated and driven to her passion to entertain the world and make people happy.


For over 20 years, Alisa graced stages as a professional dancer performing in showrooms and outdoor amphitheaters all over the world, including Europe, Japan, the Caribbean and 3 “tours of duty in tights,” in Las Vegas.


In the Moulin Rouge show, Alisa worked with BIG name celebrities like Debbie Reynolds, Susan Sommers, Charo and Jim Neighbors, among others.  Listening and learning from celebrities about their lives in show business, coupled with her love and passion for classic musicals and dance, inspired her career move back into entertainment ~ behind the stage this time, with a dream to produce some of the best entertainment, classic, yet fresh, seen in recent years.

Alisa spent the last 20 years as Founder and CEO of the charity My Hope Chest, producing events and fundraisers. She is passionate about their mission to provide breast reconstructions surgery to women in need and her new business will continue and be supported by every Tickled Pink Entertainment production.

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